The people in Ireland use the influence power tools in the classic pattern:  logical persuading, socializing, consulting, stating, and appealing to relationship.  What is noteworthy about this culture is that their use of socializing (5.71) is very nearly as high as logical persuading (5.88).  Moreover, their highest-rated technique in influence effectiveness is socializing (5.83), and this rating is significantly higher than the global norm for socializing effectiveness.

The Irish also rate significantly higher on their effectiveness at appealing to relationship, consulting, alliance building, and exchanging.  These findings suggest a highly social and interpersonal culture in which social exchange is frequent and highly prized.  They place high value on relationships, excel at building commonalities among people, and do more alliance building than the norm.

The highest-rated power source for the Irish is character, followed by attraction and history with the influencee.  For each of these power sources, they are rated significantly higher than the global norm, and they are second among the 45 cultures we studied in attraction or likeability.  They are also significantly more expressive than the global norm.  These findings suggest that in Ireland one’s personal characteristics are the greatest source of power and that they prize likeability and expressiveness in speech. 

Interestingly, the Irish are rated significantly lower than the global norm on threatening.  Perhaps because of their social nature, people in this culture are not perceived as threatening.  Quite the opposite.

To influence effectively in Ireland, logical persuading will be effective, but you must also use a lot of socializing and appealing to relationship.  This is a highly social culture where one’s personal characteristics are important.  Having strong character, being likeable, knowing the people you wish to influence, building social bonds, and being highly expressive carry much weight.


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