In Indonesia, people strongly favor logical persuading (5.87) as the primary means of influencing others, followed by stating, socializing, consulting, and appealing to relationship—although their use of the latter two techniques is significantly below the global norm.  This is a culture where logic and stating dominate influence attempts. 

Like other Asian cultures, Indonesians are rated significantly higher than the norm on avoiding.  In fact, they are second only to Japan on the frequency of this technique.  Moreover, they are rated significantly lower than the norm on expressiveness as a power source.  These findings imply that Indonesians are more reserved in communication style and reluctant to disagree openly or engage in an interaction that might appear confrontational or divisive.

People in this culture are also less likely to use appealing to values, legitimizing, or alliance building.  Far and away, the preferred influence technique is logic.

To influence effectively in this culture, use logical persuading.  Stating what you want or believe is also likely to be effective, but remember that people in this culture may be reluctant to disagree with you openly, and what appears to be consent may not actually be consent.  You may need to confirm your understanding of what they are agreeing to.  The inspirational strategies are less likely to be effective, but socializing will succeed if you are patient and the people you wish to influence are amenable to it.


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