People in India use logical persuading significantly more often than any other influence technique.  A distant second is stating, followed by consulting, socializing, and appealing to relationship. 

Indians use socializing significantly less frequently than the global norm, although it is their second-highest-rated technique in terms of effectiveness.  This means that they excel at socializing and forming common bonds, but it is not their preferred method of influencing.

People in this culture use legitimizing and alliance building significantly more often than the global norm.  In their country, it is more common to form or join alliances in an attempt to influence someone else, and they are considerably more prone to appeal to authority.  Their higher use of legitimizing, combined with logical persuading and stating (their two most-used techniques), means that they favor the push influence approaches rather than the pull approaches.

To influence effectively in this culture, use logical persuading as your technique of choice.  Indians are highly skilled at this technique and will likely challenge you with their own logical reasoning if you are not persuasive enough.  Be willing to state your positions directly but not too forcefully and ask questions to engage them in the solution.  If you can appeal to authority, they are likely to respond better to it than in other parts of the world, and some alliance building on your part would not be unexpected or unusual in this culture.


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