Hong Kong

Although Hong Kong is now part of China, the cultural norms for influencing in Hong Kong are somewhat different from those in China.  In Hong Kong, people use logical persuading (5.81) much more frequently than any other technique, but their second-most-used technique is consulting.  Of the five power tools, stating is the technique used least often, and stating is used significantly less frequently than the global norm).  People in this culture favor logic, but they are more prone to ask questions than to make direct statements of fact, want, or need.

People in Hong Kong are perceived to use the avoiding technique much more often than the norm, and they rate significantly lower on expressiveness.  These findings suggest a culture in which people are reluctant to engage in direct conflict and are more reserved in their style and manner of communicating. 

They use the inspiring influence strategies (modeling and appealing to values) least of all (and significantly less often than the global norm).

To influence effectively in this culture, offer logical reasons for your request, belief, or proposal.  Beware of being too assertive or making direct statements that could be viewed as confrontational.  It’s best to influence them by using logic, asking questions, and socializing.

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