People in Greece follow the classic power tool pattern in their use of influence techniques, but they very strongly favor logical persuading (6.00) and stating (5.73).  They make significantly lower use of all other techniques.  They rate higher than the global norm in their use of logical persuading and significantly higher on stating (5.73 compared to a norm of 5.47). 

Moreover, Greeks have a significantly higher rating on their effectiveness at stating.  This is a forthright and direct culture, perhaps to the point of appearing blunt.  Their expressiveness (higher than the norm) and directness can make them seem intimidating.

In Greece, character, history with the influencee, and attraction are far and away the strongest power sources, and reputation is more important than knowledge.  Networking and access to information are less important.  What matters is how you are thought of, how well they know you, how likable or attractive you are, and how expressive you are.  In Greece, individual traits are more important than organizational position or power.

To influence effectively in this culture, use logical persuading and stating as your techniques of choice.  Try to be as demonstrative and forthright as they are, and don’t be intimidated by their candor or the energy with which they make their case.  Your individual demeanor and performance will matter more to them than your position or your network.


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