Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, logical persuading (6.08) is far and away the most frequent influence technique—followed by stating, consulting, socializing, modeling, and appealing to relationship.  In fact, their use of logical persuading is significantly greater than the norm—and in the norm logic is already the number one influence technique used.  So the use of logic in this culture is remarkable.

It is important to note that they use socializing (5.09), appealing to relationship (4.81), and alliance building (4.29) significantly less often than the global norm.  Moreover, their effectiveness ratings on socializing and appealing to relationship are significantly lower than the norm.  In this culture, relationships and social connecting are less prevalent and powerful than they are in other cultures.

They use stating considerably more often than people in most other cultures, and they have a significantly lower score on their use of avoiding, which suggests a culture where forthrightness and candor are highly valued and where their absence might be viewed with suspicion. 

Alliance building is 0.52 below the global norm, a very significant finding, which indicates that it is relatively rare for people in this culture to form alliances in order to influence others.  This implies that they would probably resist alliance building if that technique is used on them.

What is highly prized in Czech culture are knowledge (at 5.17, significantly higher than the global norm), character, and reputation.  Having a history with the person you are trying to influence is also very important. 

To influence effectively in this culture, remember that forthrightness and candor are highly valued.  Be bold, be direct, and, above all, be logical.  Place much less emphasis on socializing and relationship building.  Czechs want you to get to the point and offer a rational reason for your request or idea.  Be prepared to defend it logically and be as factual as you can.  They do respond well to modeling (to walking the talk) but are less likely to be inspired by an appeal to values.


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