People in Colombia use logical persuading (5.95) much more frequently than other influence techniques.  Then they tend to use the other four power tools: stating (5.52), socializing, consulting, and appealing to friendship.  Colombians will be direct in stating what they want or believe, but their use of stating is not as high as it is for Chileans.

They use legitimizing or appealing to authority (4.99) significantly more often than the global norm, which suggests respect for authority and the willingness to invoke authority in order to persuade.

In Colombia, character is the greatest source of power (at 6.35, it is rated significantly higher than the norm).  They also place greater emphasis on role and reputation.  As with Chileans, what matters most is one’s character, but also highly important are one’s role or position in an organization and one’s reputation.

To influence effectively in Colombia, focus on a person’s position, reputation, and character.  These factors are more important here than in many other cultures.  Offer logical reasons for your request or proposal, but don’t hesitate to be direct in stating what you want as well.  The asking influence strategies (socializing, consulting, and appealing to relationship) are also frequently used and well accepted in this culture. 

This culture is similar in influence approaches to Chile.


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