People in Chile have two dominant influence techniques:  logical persuading (5.91) and stating (5.70).  They use all other influence techniques much less frequently.  They will be direct in stating what want believe or want, and they will argue logically for their position.  Likewise, they will respond best to logic and direct statements of fact, position, or desire.

Their preference for stating, which is significantly greater than the global norm, is matched by their skill in using this technique—so much so that they can at times appear to be even intimidating or threatening.

For them, reputation is a relatively stronger power source and expressiveness is relatively weaker.  Hence, they will value how you are thought of more than how articulate you are.  The strongest power source in this culture is character, and this power source is rated higher than the global norm.  Having a strong character and reputation is of considerable importance here.

Moreover, Chileans place more emphasis on one’s role or position in an organization.  Their rating for this power source (4.23) is significantly greater than the global norm (3.70).

To influence effectively in Chile, focus on a person’s position, reputation, and character.  These factors are more important here than in many other cultures.  Use logical persuasion as the influencing technique of choice, but at the same time don’t hesitate to be bold in stating what you want or believe.  Expect Chileans to be as direct in responding to you, and don’t be intimidated if their directness seems too blunt or forceful. 

This culture is similar in influence approaches to Colombia.


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