In Brazil, the frequency of use of the influence techniques follows the classic power tool pattern except that they use stating and socializing about equally as often.  However, logical persuading (6.02) is used significantly more often than any other technique.  Brazilians have a clear and strong preference for logic as the means of persuasion.  They use exchanging significantly less often than the norm.

In Brazil, character and attraction are significantly greater power sources than they are in the global norm.  In this culture, having good character and being likable are noteworthy assets, which means that if you are striving to influence Brazilian businesspeople, they will likely consider your character and personality in responding to your requests or assertions.

In this culture, one’s role in an organization is also a greater power source than in other parts of the world. 

To influence effectively in Brazil, place somewhat greater importance to your role in your organization and their role in theirs.  It will be helpful if you are perceived as having impeccable character and a charming or at least inviting personality.  Once accepted, present arguments and ideas logically and factually.


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