Australians follow the classic power tool pattern.  However, they use socializing, appealing to relationship, appealing to values, and alliance building significantly more often than the global norm, and the gap between their use of logical persuading (5.86) and socializing (5.74) is not significant.  This suggests that socializing is nearly as important as rational arguments to Australians.

People in Australia excel at socializing, appealing to relationship, appealing to values, consulting, and modeling.  Their influence effectiveness ratings on these techniques are significantly higher than the norm.  Moreover, Australians have much higher ratings on the power sources of attraction and history with the influencee.  This implies that they are outgoing and likable and that their relationships with the people they influence or are being influenced by are extremely important. 

Australians are rated as being more expressive than the global norm.  This suggests that the average Australian is likely to be articulate and outgoing in speech.  They may use more gestures and non-verbal forms of communication.  They will likely respond best to someone who is also more expressive and articulate.

Australians are also more effective than the norm at using the inspiring influence strategies (appealing to values and modeling).  They are better than average at influencing by seeking to inspire others, and they will likely respond more to these techniques as well.

To influence effectively in Australia, recognize the extraordinary role socializing and relationships play in this culture.  Before getting down to business, it will be important to socialize and build the relationships.  They will probably respond more to people who are likable, expressive, and outgoing. 


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