People in Austria follow the classic power tool pattern in terms of the frequency of use of influence techniques.  However, they use consulting and appealing to relationship significantly less frequently than the global norm.  By a large margin, the most frequent influence technique Austrians use is logical persuading.

They also use legitimizing and alliance building significantly less often than the global norm—so much so that these techniques may not only be ineffective in Austria but could create resistance if used.

In Austria, one’s reputation and organizational network are strong sources of power.  Attraction and history are considerably less important sources of power than the norm, which suggests that one’s organizationally based power sources are much more important than personal sources of power.  In Austria, a person’s role in an organization and professional network are more important than how likable the person might be.

To influence effectively in Austria, pay attention to people’s roles or positions in the organization.  It pays to be well networked professionally and to have a sound reputation.  How you are thought of will carry more weight than a pleasant or charming personality.  In the main, avoid appealing to authority (legitimizing) or alliance building.  The technique of choice is logical persuading. 


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