Belgians follow the classic power tool pattern in the frequency of use of influence techniques—except that they use stating (5.47) more frequently than socializing (5.37).  However, they use logical persuading (5.97) significantly more often than any of the other influence techniques.  Their use of logic is greater than the global norm and is clearly the most preferred method of influencing.

People in Belgium use socializing, appealing to relationship, alliance building, and exchanging significantly less frequently than the norm.  Social connections and relationships are clearly important in Belgium (socializing is the third most-used influence technique) and they rate highly on their effectiveness at socializing and appealing to relationship.  Nonetheless, Belgians strongly prefer logical persuading.

To influence effectively in Belgium, use logical persuading as the first and most-preferred technique.  Place less reliance on the asking and inspiring influence strategies, and use exchanging only as a technique of last resort.  Exchanging is used relatively infrequently in Belgium.   Bargaining for cooperation in Belgium would likely be viewed adversely, especially if there were no sound logical reasons for agreeing with a request or accepting your point of view.


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